Unburied Digital Dreams of L.A.T.S. Concept

There is a video from models too large to post here now that has a whole reel of laser imaging footage from which brief clips may be isolated to be to be someday interjected into appropriate segments of future work chronicling the evolution of the Linear-Arc Tracking Suspension (LATS) Concept for a vehicle which may more equally distribute the coefficient of inertial friction exerted onto the pavement between four tires, the one in the back being an ‘outboard-like’ unit of drive tire with transaxle to motor connected to movable framework of parallel mounting framework running to similar front tire unit having double universal-joint reaching over to the fork which provides pitch/yaw matching but exceeding the angle the rear tire’s angle of attack to the pavement from front to rear with this front fork  connection being adjusted using a small steering wheel to the left side of the body just above the left arm-rest,  as these to tires may be tracked from left to right opposite the cockpit’s movement from left to right  being controlled by a joystick just above the right armrest, able to be pulled back for braking, but when toggled from left to right turns the two middle cockpit tires left and right moving the concept vehicle in-motion into turns lining-up the front and rear tire to the outside of the curve, having three tires on one side with one on the other in the curve, leaning the concept vehicle into turns naturally like riding a bicycle with no-hands, turning a motorboat, or an airplane so-to-speak, then coming out of the turn, able to move the joystick forward for accelerating out of the curve, using right hand on it to toggle left or right to adjust these cockpit middle tires to move the body of the concept vehicle back across towards the straight road as the front and rear tires adjust to being in middle position to center-line of cockpit directly in front and rear, tweaked with a little control of the front forks by the left hand on the steering wheel.  UNDERSTAND..?