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The goal is to develop an actual website with merchandise and a secure cart for receiving payment, signed prints, toys of the vehicle, and eventually Green Lights with digital accelerometer capable of detecting increases of speed – to mount inside the top of the rear window – and actual Linear-Arc Tracking Suspension Vehicles capable of driving themselves, with an option to drive manually, but before that, a Pedal-Powered Quadracycle.  
  • One day, we will see every vehicle on the road have green lights in the rear window, allowing each automotive company to purchase the right to use the idea to make their own for a tax-deductible $1.00 charitable contribution to The Philosophy Center per unit, with insurance companies helping fund the impending research to prove this idea’s benefit will be offering better decision-making intra-vehicular communication to the vehicles behind you, leading to the green light being able to sync-up with any self-driving vehicle behind you.  
Now here in Dallas working in the Field of Blind & Visual Impairment Vocational Rehabilitation Counseling, helping people with No vision, Low Vision, and Significant Visual Impairment adjust to their condition, to obtain training with technological accommodations, and to find suitable, competitive, integrated employment; I finally have the credentials to make this happen. 
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I am a Certified Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor with an interest in art and philosophy.

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