All art abstraction actually asserted as abstraction belying beneficent beauty bestowed between carefully crafted characterizations continuously circumscribing delightful delicately described daydreaming dutifully detaching dualism derived fantasies flying frantically forward fashioning freedom for friends gratuitously giving generous gifts honorably having heroic happiness here inside intellectually interconnected intersections inter-spliced into interstices jokingly justifiable just joyfully joined juxtaposition jubilantly kicking keenly kept kisses lavishly laughing listening lustfully liking luckily living large monopolizing multiple mathematically measurable mental miscalculations merely mimicking miniature nonchalant noticeably natural niceties negating nearly normal nostalgia neglectfully omitting ominous ordeals obfuscating opposing opinions on opportunistic paradigms predictable predicating painfully parting patterns pleading quiet questions quantifying quality recollections recording realistically reliable redundant rantings sharing several sweet significations surreptitiously showing thoughtfulness together trying tragically to tear this tight underdeveloped unknowable undulating victoriously viewed vision without wobbly worrying words while watching with x-ray xenon youth yearly yearning zestful zenith zeal..!

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Barry Paul Vining

I am a Certified Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor with an interest in art and philosophy.

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