Big ideas–what’s the big idea?
How can you be free…?
You cannot, therefore you will go with the flow,
Emit an incandescent glow
Like a spineless jellyfish with tiny stings,
Trying to protect itself from things
It cannot see nor understand,
Because freedom would strip you of your obligation to serve others.

Once Upon A Thyme

We (mostly) posted a story.
It was a nice story,
Red, useful, and partially hydrogenated. 
We cooked our story
Slightly rare, adding coriander seeds,
And served it cold, with carrot juice.
The story tasted good
But left a HUGE Mess in the kitchen,
A very small insignificant little kitchen,
More like a gallery but what the hell? 

Flat Cat

This is a painting in my typical style, using long lines and curves.  It is in part influenced by art done by the Buddhist monks, who rake sand into patterns–but also the Celtic knot patterns found on Viking burial artifacts.